Hack Days: The Quick and Dirty Recap

Everyday at Odopod, we're challenged with a huge spectrum of client needs. We get to dive deep into their businesses and create innovative work for some amazing brands. But there are some ideas that we just don't get to make. Some skills that we just don't get to use. So we decided to turn inward, develop our own ideas and make things.

For two glorious days, Odopod shut down to work exclusively on projects of our own devising - and for those 48 hours, it was all invention...

Here's how it all went down:

A few weeks before Hack Days we put out a call for project submissions to our entire studio with only one rule: describe your idea in less than 100 words. At the end of the call, we selected eight projects to prototype.

We split up into small teams comprised of all disciplines - everyone participated, bringing a unique set of skills to the table. People soldered and sketched, filmed and photographed, coded and glued. There were acts of physical computing, drafts of architectural plans, and a ton of work we don't see everyday.

It was hard work, but well worth it. Here's a quick overview of the prototypes we created:


A claw machine-style robot where players use an Internet-based remote to control the movement of a robotic arm and complete a series of time-based and task-driven challenges.


An iPhone and/or Android app that allows players to create and breed virtual pets. Each player owns a single pet. Breeding with another player’s pet causes both pets to mutate, randomly mixing their features. The player’s goal is to collect the complete set of pet features.


A highly addictive, lightning-fast, action-packed, multi-touch, door game. You have to figure out how to open the door on each level within the allotted time to advance to the next captivating puzzle.


A Facebook application that allows people to collect limited edition digital artifacts by participating in challenges. As artifacts are accrued, users can level up to access larger rewards.


A site and TV application that allows you to add web-based videos to your queue and watch them later online or via a connected TV.


A digital upgrade to Odopod's iconic welcome sign, replacing the original with a screen that people interact with via a proximity sensor.


A fun, spontaneous way to capture and share photos of the employees, clients and visitors to Odopod’s office. The booth will take the aspects of classic photo booths that we love, and build on them to create a new interactive experience that is entertaining, sharable, unique and smart.


A data-driven, interactive microsite where the people of Odopod can discover interesting details about each other and about the company as a whole. By using filtering mechanisms, users will uncover fun data, unique trends and insights that will be presented in a playful, delightful environment.


We're excited to continue the tradition in the coming years.


  • Jacquie says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    I was so blown away by the inventive thinking and delightful care that each team brought to their project. It's amazing what a smart, clever bunch can do in two days.

  • Janice says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    What a way to start my first week at Odopod! The hack days presentations were incredible and inspiring. Great work!

  • Guthrie says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    I want to launch them all!

  • Joyce says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    If Facebook Collectibles isn't funded, I'm raising the money myself. Anyone want in on our seed round?

  • Allison Q McCarthy says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    I'd be in that photobooth everyday.

  • Taylor says:
    Posted: 12.16.10

    We did something similar to this at EA / Pogo a month or two ago. One of the projects was an HTML 5 version of a flagship game that is now going to be embedded and shipped with Chrome 9, a lot of the projects have lead to changes in our future planning. It was a great team building and future vision exercise. It looks like you guys have some awesome projects going on as well.

  • Alisha Jaeger says:
    Posted: 12.17.10

    Ditto on what Allison said. Photobooth = thumbs up.

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