Odopod and Nurun: Our Next Big Move

Ten years ago we created a new agency. The idea was pretty simple. We wanted to marry the culture and practices of Silicon Valley startups with those of creative agencies.

Our first assignments and clients were incredibly diverse — from designing software for startups to creating digital campaigns for big brands.

Back then, this made Odopod an anomaly.

It took about nine years longer than we expected but the landscape has changed around us. Now clients seek us out for our unique combination of expertise with software design and brand thinking. Increasingly, they see it as essential for everything from product innovation to marketing.

As a result, we're enjoying the best years in the company's history and producing our best work ever.

Now it's time for us to make our next big move.

For the next ten years, we want to charge ourselves with a new ambition. We want to raise the bar even higher — for the work we do and for the clients we engage.

And we're not doing it alone.

Today, we're officially announcing that Odopod is merging with Nurun, the largest independent digital agency in the world.

This merger gives us the platform we've been looking for — one that enables us to do even more innovative work and to deliver that work anywhere in the world.

Nurun's outstanding technology pedigree will help us innovate across even more platforms. Their international presence and leadership will help us expand into new markets alongside our clients.

Together, Odopod and Nurun have an impressive combination of reach, depth and talent.

We're genuinely excited about the next ten years and are looking forward to starting this new chapter with the Odopod team as well as all of our clients, partners and friends.


  • The Krza says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congrats to Tim, David and Jacquie. Its been a great run thus far. Can't wait to see what happens in the coming months and years. All the best!

  • Michelangelo Capraro says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    wow! congrats guy, that's huge!

  • yuri says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congratulations you guys, cheers to the future!

  • Andrew Peters says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congrats Tim, David, Jacquie and all the Odopoders along the way! J'aime les Québécois... run, run, run.

  • eric yang says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    congrats odopod

  • jef says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    congrats - can't wait to see what the next 10 years looks like!

  • Josh Lowman says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Sweet. Congratulations Odopod-ers.

  • Chris Brown says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Wowzers, huge congratulations!!!

  • jessica says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    huge news! as a long time FOO (friend of odopod), i just want to say congrats to you guys - looking forward to the next generation.

  • Sally Evans says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    To David and the rest, congratulations on building a creative and successful business in this difficult economy. I hope this merger leads to even more success for all involved.

  • amanda kelso says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congrats - very exciting times ahead!

  • Jeffery Bennett says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congratulations, guys. It will be a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.

  • Bridget Sheils says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    tremendous news - congrats!

  • Xande Macedo says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Congratulations Jacquie, Tim, Dave and everyone that made this happen! Even brighter future ahead!

  • Uncle Gary Moss says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    Jerry sent me a email a Couple hours ago. Congrats to odopod and my niece Jacquie! Best Wishes

  • stevemason says:
    Posted: 09.12.11

    smooth move, i kinda wish i was there now just so i could go to the canada offices!!

  • Bill Boyer says:
    Posted: 09.13.11

    Congrats, guys!!

  • nicolas borel says:
    Posted: 09.13.11

    drinks on me

  • Brian Beaver says:
    Posted: 09.13.11

    Congratulations to the whole team, and cheers to the next chapter in your success story. Ever forward!

  • Xande Macedo says:
    Posted: 09.13.11

    Nick Borel is in the house? That is the Odopod Old School emerging!

  • Steven Addis says:
    Posted: 09.14.11

    Congratulations. Well deserved!

  • Jean-Francois Houle says:
    Posted: 09.15.11

    Congratulation to both of you. I'm from Montreal, so I know Nurun for years, and I'm a fan of Odopod creativity. I think the mix will be great.

  • Matt Snow says:
    Posted: 09.18.11

    I remember when Odopod first started... in the smoldering embers of the dot bomb era. Congrats on the success, and looking forward to seeing more of the same.

  • Troy Harrison says:
    Posted: 09.22.11

    Best of luck folks! ENJOY THE RIDE!

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    Posted: 02.29.12

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Our focus remains on helping clients succeed in a connected world with products and services that transform the consumer experience.

We continue to work with forward-thinking, longstanding clients including Tesla, Google, Sony and Audemars Piguet. More recently, we've established new relationships with Dolby, the San Francisco 49ers, GoPro, and Blu Homes.

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