We're Odopod, a digital agency.

We help bold, forward-looking brands build meaningful connections with their audiences — in all the places digital touches people’s lives.

Walk into our studio. You’ll meet experts of all sorts – designers, developers and strategists. We’re refugees from the worlds of advertising, product design, branding, gaming and beyond. We’re happy collaborators, bringing our diverse, original perspectives to bear on every problem. What do we share in common? Endless curiosity and a deep love for all-things-digital.

  • Tim Barber Founder, Creative Director

  • David Bliss Founder, Technical Director

  • Jacquie Moss Founder, Culture Director

  • Johnathan Tann Managing Director

  • Stacy StevensonBusiness Development Manager

  • Guthrie Dolin Director of Strategy

  • Albert Poon Creative Director

  • Damon Nelson Creative Director

Which instilled us with some important lessons about the digital space: how to think in all four dimensions; that imagination should be tempered by practical engineering; and that no matter how pretty the house is, it only works if people can live in it.

  • We know our stuff.

  • Strategy

    Our approach to strategy starts at digital. We uncover how brands should behave in an evolving landscape.

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  • UI Innovation

    We balance logic and emotion to create websites and applications people can relate to.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Our thirst for innovation and knack for storytelling lead us to new places, where brands entertain, inform and engage people in smart new ways.

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We do good work.

We've received some great awards and press over the years.
Here are a few we’re especially proud of.

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We Work on Interesting Stuff:

fig 1: Project Classification

We have
50 Multidisciplinary Employees:

fig 2: Odopeeps

We are in
Hayes Valley,
San Francisco:

fig 3: Geographic Location

And lastly, we live by
a few basic rules:

  1. 01

    Expect creativity from everyone.

  2. 02

    Digital isn't a
    line-item on a marketing budget. It's the air itself.

  3. 03

    Embrace the difficult bits — greatness lies there.

  4. 04

    Collaboration is where unexpected genius comes from.

  5. 05

    Our thinking is informed by doing — and vice versa.

  6. 06

    A great idea
    isn't, if you can't execute it.

  7. 07

    Follow the concept. It will take you down new paths.

Odopod is now Nurun

We're still in San Francisco, still under the same leadership, still doing great work (here are some case studies). But now we're a lot larger. We've joined a host of Nurun offices around the globe, all part of Publicis Worldwide.

Our focus remains on helping clients succeed in a connected world with products and services that transform the consumer experience.

We continue to work with forward-thinking, longstanding clients including Tesla, Google, Sony and Audemars Piguet. More recently, we've established new relationships with Dolby, the San Francisco 49ers, GoPro, and Blu Homes.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you too.

Tim, Dave, & JT

The best way to reach us

For new business, contact Allison McCarthy

For general inquiries, contact us at

For more about Nurun, visit