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Always Fresh

This is the third edition of Odopod's happy collaboration with Nike Skateboarding. This time around, Nike wanted an experience that would be constantly fresh, packed with the latest everything: news, kicks and team happenings.

We came back with a solution that kept the best bits of the old while building something brand new: a site that's simple to update, with a design that's customizable to the extreme. This means Nike can do more than add new content: they can make quick yet drastic changes to the entire site's look and feel. Colors, backgrounds, and type can be switched up as often as new sneakers drop.

And we threw in a satellite map that shows every Nike skate store on the planet at its exact latitude and longitude.

Our first big freshness test: the release of Nike Skateboarding’s flagship movie, "Nothing But the Truth." Together with Nike we re-skinned a large chunk of the site. The result was as weirdo irreverent as the movie itself. Nike showed its appreciation by including an Odopod shout-out in the movie's closing credits.

It was never about making something cool. It was about making something functional.


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Same Team, New Name

It's been thirteen years since we started Odopod.

We've always wanted one thing: to do the best work of our lives. Along the way, we have been joined by an eclectic and exceptionally talented bunch of people who wanted the same thing. Together, we've built a company we love.

Two years ago, Odopod was acquired by Nurun.

The acquisition was a validation of everything we had built. It was also a catalyst for some big changes we wanted to make. We began to tackle bigger, thornier problems and to work all over the world. With Nurun, we've had a series of huge wins and have been producing our best work yet.

That's why we recently decided to retire the Odopod brand, formally adopt Nurun as our name, and take the reins of Nurun's US operations.

We're all still here—same team with the same appetite for great work, only now with different e-mail addresses and more frequent flyer miles. And we're growing, so send your talented friends our way.

Keep an eye out for new work from Nurun. It will be our best yet.

Tim, Dave, Jacquie, JT & Guthrie

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For general inquiries, contact us at

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