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Interaction Design Lead

First a Designer

Interaction Designers at Odopod are foremost, Designers. They are problem solvers, analyzers, synthesizers, creators and communicators. Sure, they are a logical bunch, but our Interaction Designers don’t stop at conceiving systems. They hail from a broad range of design disciplines, such as industrial design and visual design. They’ve taken to heart the attention to detail required for those disciplines and apply that to everything they do. They craft documents that not only specify, but clearly express the distilled essence of their designs.

Understand Clients

Interaction Design Leads work independently with clients with minimal Associate Director of Interaction Design involvement. They examine client objectives from multiple angles and arrive at original, smart solutions that exceed expectations.

Inspiring Leader

Our Interaction Design Lead’s job is to work as a partner to the Associate Director of Interaction Design, sharing the responsibility of leading the team to create great work by directing and thinking critically about projects. Through their passion, vision and talent, they inspire peers encouraging them to innovate and eliciting their best work. 


  • Inspire and collaborate with your co­-workers to produce inventive, thoughtful, relevant work for clients
  • Work closely with your team to execute on the creative strategy for projects
  • Participate in all aspects of our team’s projects, focusing on innovation and quality
  • Collaborate with visual designers and engineers to conceive and prototype interaction models, information architectures, and user interfaces
  • Expertly craft documentation to represent the user experience, including: product requirements documents, functional specifications, flow diagrams, schematics, and prototypes
  • Understand and work within project parameters: client goals and requirements, internal goals, usability, technical constraints, as well as budget and schedule
  • Work with Visual Designers to implement interaction design guidelines
  • Experiment with new tools and techniques to improve our work


  • 5+ years of experience designing software experiences
  • Present a portfolio that represents a diversity of projects as well as a clear design perspective
  • Experience working on small to medium­ sized teams
  • An ability to be communicative, flexible and precise under tight deadlines
  • Proficiency with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Keynote, Pages
  • Understanding of web technologies and grasp of the tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Strong organizational skills and an attention to detail
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