PlayStation Vue

Partnering with Sony, we designed Vue — an innovative, cloud-based subscription service that brings TV to PlayStation and mobile devices.


  • Design Research
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Launch Support
PS Vue - Detail Masthead Image

It’s unreal how good Vue’s UI is. How did this come from Sony? How livid and jealous is Comcast? So many questions.

chriswelch verge

TV Re-Imagined

Sony Vue Poster Image

With Vue, we created a highly personalized viewing experience that doesn't rely on the conventional model of "channels." The interface features tiles that display both what's on now, as well as content that aligns with the viewer's tastes.

Vue Tailors Content to You

Sony Image 01

Vue makes recommendations based on individual consumption patterns and favorited content.

At & Away from Home

Vue Image 04

The TV and tablet experiences can be enjoyed together or separately, at home or on the go.

...a slick interface that puts most cable boxes and smart platforms to shame.